BMW warranty instructions


Following warranty instructions means you will receive fast and smooth service if your car unexpectedly needs warranty repairs:

BMW issues a two-year warranty on new BMW cars. To keep the warranty valid, the user/owner must follow all warranty instructions. Failure to do so could lead to the warranty being invalidated, but does not affect the statutory rights of the user/owner under Icelandic law.

1. If the owner continues to drive a vehicle that has suffered a mechanical failure, the warranty could be invalidated. Any such failures must be reported immediately to an approved BMW service provider. Any delay could lead to problems further down the line.
2. BMW may refuse warranty if the vehicle has been serviced by anybody other than an approved BMW service provider, and if approved spare parts have not been used or the repairs made do not meet BMW quality standards.
3. Failure to follow approved BMW service monitoring can lead to the warranty being invalidated.
4. The warranty does not cover mechanical failures arising from misuse, neglect, collisions, or other normal wear and tear caused by normal use.
5. BMW cars are built to very specific quality standards to meet the most stringent requirements on fuel consumption and performance. Any modifications made to BMW cars which lead to a mechanical failure of any kind are made at the user’s/owner’s risk. BMW dealers and/or service providers are liable for any such modifications only if they have been approved by BMW.
6. BMW vehicles are manufactured for passenger transport in all general and habitual conditions. They are not intended to be used in other conditions, such as racing, rally, drifting or similar. BMW dealers and/or service providers reserve the right to reject warranty if a vehicle is used in any of these ways.
7. The vehicle’s warranty does not cover death, bodily injury, property damage or loss of income arising either directly or indirectly from incidents related to the warranty. This clause does not restrict or exclude liability for death, bodily injury owing to manufacturing defects or negligence for which the manufacturer or their staff are found to be responsible. The owner/user must ensure that the vehicle is not used without conventional statutory insurance.

  • Tyres

    BMW tyres are insured by the tyre manufacturer against any material or manufacture defects which may arise. Such cases should go through an approved BMW service provider or an approved dealer for the tyres in question, who will see to arranging insurance payments. The level of payments shall always take into account usage of tyres up until the time the payments are based on.

  • Settings 

    Settings are under warranty for the first twelve months. This does not apply if wheel settings are part of periodic maintenance checks.

  • Other items 

    Misconfigured wheel settings which can be traced back to manufacturer negligence are under warranty for the first twelve months from delivery. Windscreen wipers incorrectly installed at the manufacturer and which cause problems are under warranty for the first three months. 

  • BMW spare parts 

    BMW spare parts installed in a vehicle after the warranty ends are under warranty for two years. 

  • Warranty on paintwork 

    The paintwork warranty covers defects, such as discolouration and other visible and obvious defects on the painted surfaces of the vehicle which can be traced back to manufacturer negligence. The warranty is valid for three years from delivery. 
    Any warranty repairs on paintwork shall be decided upon by an approved BMW dealer or service provider. 

  • Instructions on maintaining the paintwork warranty: 

    1. Although the paintwork meets all modern quality and durability requirements for all usual situations the vehicle can be expected to encounter, the owner/user should be aware that various industrial pollutant emissions can damage the texture of the varnish, and it is therefore necessary to maintain the finish with the correct treatment. We recommend following the instructions on caring for the paintwork contained in the vehicle user manual.
    2. Bird excrement can be considerably corrosive and easily damage varnish. It is therefore important to clean off all bird excrement as soon as possible.
    3. The vehicle warranty does not cover damage to paintwork caused by industrial pollutant emissions or bird excrement.

  • Rust protection warranty 

    All BMW vehicles manufactured after 1 January 2004 have 12 months’ rust protection warranty. 
    Any repairs covered by the rust protection warranty shall be carried out by an approved BMW dealer and/or service provider. The warrant covers rust coming from within concealed parts of the vehicle, such as the inside of the doors and inside closed compartments. 
    It does not cover damage caused by collisions, stone impact or other external factors.

  • Instructions on maintaining the rust protection warranty: 

    To ensure that repairs covered by the vehicle’s rust protection warranty are carried out quickly and efficiently, BMW owners are kindly asked to follow the following instructions. 
    1. The vehicle should be periodically checked by a BMW service provider according to an existing service monitoring plan. 
    2. Repairs to the surface parts of the vehicle covered by the rust protection warranty shall be carried out by an approved BMW service provider according to existing BMW standards. 
    3. Vehicles sustaining major damage and requiring repairs while the rust protection warranty is still valid are under warranty, provided that: 
    a. the repairs are carried out according to BMW standards; 
    b. the repairs are carried out by an approved agent. 
    4. The warranty is valid only if approved BMW spare parts are used.